WhatsApp Banned For 72hours In Brazil

Lovers of WhatsApp chats app in Brazil are up for some serious me time, as court orders the instant messaging app to be banned in the Latino country.

Earlier in December, WhatsApp faced a similar ban in Brazil (48hours ban) for failing to provide the courts in the country with information related to an alleged drug dealer. However, the chat app didn’t serve the whole of 48hours, as just 12 hours in, another judge threw out the ban and WhatsApp was once again available for Brazilian users.

Well, this time it’s another drug related case, and once again the instant messaging app is suspended in Brazil, and for a hefty 72 hours time period.

Reason for the ban being that the WhatsApp have been ordered by a court to turn over conversations related to a drug case. However, because the conversations are encrypted in a manner that prevents WhatsApp from delivering them, the judge issued the ban by asking the country’s telecom companies to prevent the app from working.

Brazilian telecom companies are happy to ban WhatsApp. While it is popular and has over 100 million users in the country, many use the app to make local phone calls on their mobile handsets to bypass the local phone companies and their outlandishly high rates. The telecom outfits in Brazil say that WhatsApp’s VoIP calling feature is illegal in Brazil.

The same judge who ordered WhatsApp to turn over the chat related to the drug case, Marcel Montalvao, signed for the arrest of a Facebook executive in March. Facebook closed on its purchase of WhatsApp in October 2014, with the final price exceeding $21 billion.


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