WhatsApp Forward Limits Feature is Now Available on iOS Platform


Recently WhatsApp has been rolling out new features for its platform all to curb the spread of fake news and rumours from its platform. The tech giant has been under pressure from the Indian government to tackle the situation on which the company has introduced the forward label messages on its platform. This smart feature enables the user to know when they have received a forwarded message. This is expected to control the public lynching which was a result of rumoured fake messages.


The new feature will prevent users from forwarding a message to more than five chats. Recently this new feature went live for Android users in Indian, and now the instant messaging giants have made the feature available for the iOS as well. WhatsApp has started rolling out the feature for the stable version of WhatsApp on the iOS platform.

The latest update which brings the new feature for the iOS users and will allow users to forward messages to at least up to five contacts at a time.

With the latest feature being added to the platform, users will receive a ‘pop up notification’ regarding the forward limitation if in any case, they try to forward a message to more than the stipulated number required. As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp is under pressure from the Indian government and has been asked to take measures that can restrain the fake messages from reaching a maximum number of its users.

It’s worth noting that the Indian user-base shares the highest number of videos and messages on WhatsApp as compared to other messaging platforms. This has so far increased the chances of fake news to spread like wildfire. This is the reason why this new feature is restricted to maximum five users in India as compared to their counterparts across the globe where it is expected that the feature’s limit will be up to 20 users at a time.

The introduction of this feature is among one of the many measures that the instant messaging giants are taking to curb the spread of rumours and fake news on its platform. WhatsApp will also alert its users of potentially unsafe links. With the availability of this feature, one can expect that rumours and fake news can be avoided on the instant messaging platform.


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