WhatsApp Now Lets You Pin Up to 3 Chats to the Top of Your Chats List


Whatsapp is a popular chat app that is used by billions of people worldwide, so it’s very easy for your very important chats to be pushed down to the bottom of your CHATS list as new messages are received, and this is even made worse with the ability to join multiple group chats and broadcast groups. The latest version of Whatsapp Beta for Android, version 2.17.163 has added a feature that allows you to pin up to three of your chats to the top of the CHATS list.

In the latest Whatsapp Beta version, when you long press a chat and it’s highlighted, a new action has been added to the horizontal list of action buttons at the top which allow you to perform actions like deleting the chat, muting it and archiving the chat. The new button has a pin logo and allows you to pin the selected chat to the top of the chat list.

Pinning a chat to the top of the chat list means that the chat will stay there at the top, irrespective of whether new messages are received or not. New messages would now be appended after the pinned chat(s).

I’m a beta tester for Whatsapp on Google Play Store, so I downloaded the latest beta version, and sure enough, the feature is available.

Whatsapp pin chats

Note that you can only pin up to three chats, at least for now. I know this because after I pinned three chats, subsequent attempts to do same resulted in a “You can only pin up to 3 chats” notification.

Whatsapp pin chats limit

You can also unpin a pinned chat and pin another. This feature is not yet publicly available to Whatsapp users, and can only be gotten if you’re a Whatsapp Beta tester. To become one, visit the Google Play Store, search for Whatsapp, click on the right result to open up the info page, scroll down till you see “Become a beta tester”, and sign up for the program. You then need to update the app to enjoy this feature.

You could also sideload this version of the app by downloading the APK file from the internet. Alternatively, you could just wait for the feature to be rolled out officially to all Whatsapp users.