WhatsApp Users Will Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Backups


Starting on November 12, 2018, WhatsApp users will no longer have to sacrifice significant Google storage space to back up their messages.

This was after Google announced that they would provide users with unlimited Google Drive storage for backups to accumulate an excessive amount of GIFs, images and videos that are eating up the phone storage of every regular WhatsApp user. This move means that any WhatsApp related data that the application backs up won’t count against the default personal 15 GB cloud storage.

Presently, any WhatsApp data including images, videos, chat log and audio files are counted towards the space every user had in the cloud. According to Android Police, the update was announced by WhatsApp to some users via email. It added that the details regarding the recent changes can now be accessed via the FAQ page of the app.

“Due to a new agreement between Google and WhatsApp, WhatsApp backups will no longer count against Google Drive storage quota. Although any WhatsApp backups that have not be updated in more than a year will be removed from the storage automatically,” the company said in an email to a digit.in team member.

Unlike other texting apps, WhatsApp instructs its users to back up their messages to a separate cloud service to sync conversation between phones. However, Android users have their messages stored on Google Drive, while Apple customer’s messages are stored in Apple’s iCloud.


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