Why Am I Not Attractive to Good Men?

Attractive to Good Men

Many ladies end up with the wrong men not because they are bad, but because there are some things they may be doing wrong.

So, if you are asking this question, there is hope; it means you noticed something wrong and you are ready to look for solutions to the problem.

The truth is many ladies find it challenging to meet the right men for them, and only a handful have gotten out of the “bad luck” circle.

Before you read on, I have to warn you, the truth they say is a bitter pill to swallow. You may not get what you want to hear, or what nobody has told you, but the following tips will set you on the right track.

You are selling yourself short

The way people treat or see us depends on how we treat and see ourselves; if you believe you do not deserve to be loved by a good man, then you won’t get a good man. It is that simple. If you notice a negative pattern in the type of men that approach you, check how you see yourself. Good men are out there, but it takes a good woman to attract, and keep a good man.

Furthermore, one of the best ways to stop selling yourself short is to be confident. Mind you; overconfidence may drive them away. In the game of life, it is all about balance- keep the balance. Know who you are and move away from people who suppress your voice.

Get busy

A lady once told me that she needs a man that can take care of her, buy her stuff, call her every minute, and take her everywhere and anywhere. I smiled as she listed out the characteristics her man must have because this same lady has nothing to her name, no skill, no money, no character, yet she wants a king. Restructuring the mindset of today’s women further explains what some women are lacking.

Ladies listen, good men are busy working and preparing the future for their queens. So should you too. Get busy with work, get busy developing yourself, eat healthily, and stop waiting for Mr. Right to come out from nowhere to sweep you off of your feet, while you lie on your couch checking the latest fashion or your favorite star’s Instagram’s post. Do not get me wrong; you have every right to dream of a man that can take you to the moon, but you have to be ready to be such a partner in every way. Instead of dreaming and doing nothing, get busy, and you see the right people reaching out for you. Every queen deserves a king, and every king needs a queen by his side.

Check your circle

Twenty friends cannot be friends for twenty years- you may not have the power to choose your family, but you have the ability to choose your friends. Of course, you know, the famous adage “show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are’’. Who are you rolling with? Who do you call buddies? Don’t get sentimental about this, but if you are to choose from your friends, can you date them? Do they help you become a better person? Or do they just suck the energy out of you? Sometimes, a good man might be dying to talk to you, but he is just skeptical about the kind of friends you keep, and if they have a lot of influence on you.

Check the places you frequent

If you want to speak with the king, you go to the palace. I am sorry to break this to you ladies, you cannot stay in your home all day, and expect a good man to knock at your door and sweep you off your feet. Also, if you want to see the pope, go to the cathedral. Let’s be frank to ourselves, you know where to go to find a gentleman, you also know where to go to get a one-night stand. Unfortunately, the movies are sometimes misleading. Have you ever wondered why most doctors get married to doctors?

Character deficiency

Sisters brace up because this is a bitter pill to swallow; beauty can only attract a man, but it takes a good character to keep a man. No matter how beautiful, or wealthy, you are, if you lack integrity, then you are in for big trouble. You know why? Good men look for good women for their future kids; they are looking for women who can imprint their beautiful character into their kids.

“Oh, but I know of an awful sister who got married to a good man” well, if you are not wearing the shoes, you cannot know how bad they hurt. So, fix yourself before looking for someone to spend their future with you. I would love to say more about this, but I feel you have gotten the points.

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