Why David Beckham Has Been Banned From Driving?

The former football star and husband to fashion Mogul Victoria Beckham has been banned from driving officially. David Beckham was caught using his phone while driving in 2018 and finally the court has decided to do something about it.

Mr Beckham who pleaded guilty in November had to appear before a magistrate on the 10th of May at the Bromley Magistrates Court to settle the issue.

David Beckham has now been banned from driving for the next six months, was required to pay a fine of £750, and also lost six points on his licence alongside persecution expenses that ran into a total of £100 and an additional 75 lbs for surcharge fee.

Some reports have it that David Beckham appeared in the same Court last month but according to a member of the court staff, at that time “the magistrates requested more information – either the circumstances in which it happened, or they think they don’t have enough information about the charge to make an informed decision”.