Why Don’t My Breasts Match?

Breasts Match

Sometimes when you stand in front of a mirror to take a look at your breasts, or you just hold them to feel them, you may discover they both are of different sizes.

Many young ladies have wondered if they are the only ones with breasts that don’t match in size or if other people have noticed the same.

However, it is quite common and natural for females to have different-sized nipples or breasts especially when the breasts begin to develop at puberty.

This difference in size is not restricted to the chest as sometimes the legs or hands of a person might be slightly different in shape or size, so it is a completely normal thing.

At puberty, when the breasts of a girl begin to develop, it usually starts with a small swelling under the nipple. This swelling is referred to as breast budding.

Typically, one breast starts growing before the other or one might be growing faster than the other, and the difference in size is visible even when you dress up.

Once a girl begins to approach her twenties, the variation is size might even out, but for some people, it doesn’t. However, for those whose breasts do not grow to become the same size in adulthood, the difference in size is usually very unnoticeable.

It is a good thing for girls to be aware of their breasts but if for any reason you are afraid that the uneven size of your breasts is a sign of a medical condition, please see your doctor. You just might find out that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Paying attention to your breasts can help you stay healthy because when you are familiar with how your breasts usually feel and look, you can quickly detect changes that might need medical attention.

Your doctor or any other female in your life can teach you how to do a simple breast self-examination that will help you detect any slight changes in that area.

While it is easy for some girls to accept that they are normal despite the difference in size of their boobs, other girls are self-conscious about it.

While these ladies worry about their boob size for cosmetic reasons, it is interesting to know that people cannot detect the difference in the size of a ladies breast even if it is as much as a full cup size.

In trying to even out the size of their breasts, some ladies go as far as buying products that claim to help add some flesh to the smaller breast, some engage in exercises, and others consume pills that promise to help them achieve desired results. The truth is, none of these methods can help you get what you wish except plastic surgery.

Doctors advise that a female waits till her breasts are fully grown before considering getting plastic surgery done. If you can’t afford plastic surgery, there are bras and breast pads that help to fill up the extra space. Visit a lingerie shop and talk to the salesperson so they guide you in picking the right product for your needs.

Furthermore, do not be shy to talk to your mother, elder sister, aunt, or any other older female in your family about how you feel.

They have had breasts longer than you have and will have a lot to share about how they too were as worried as you are, and what they did to help them feel comfortable.

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