Why VoIP Phones Are Useful for Your Business?

Voice over internet protocol also known as VoIP is fast changing the way businesses communicate and is also gaining popularity quite rapidly. With VoIP, you can improve the communication of your business significantly by allowing you to use IP networks such as the internet to make and receive phone calls.

When you use the voice over internet protocol system, you do not have to bother about the limitations associated with using regular mobile phone systems.

VoIP is not only easy to use their very portable. In this article, we are going to list some of the benefits associated with switching from your regular phone to voice over internet protocol for your business.

1. Flexibility and accessibility

Voice over internet protocol allows for greater flexibility and is also very advantageous if you’re an employee about is remote or one that travels a lot. VoIP will enable you to make phone calls using your internet connection by merely converting your voice communication into data packets.

With voice over internet protocol, you have a cloud-based phone that you can take along with you anywhere you go.

You are given a voice over internet protocol phone adaptor that allows you to go along with your mobile number anywhere you travel to. if you’re planning to move offices or floors, this is also a convenient feature for you.

For as long as you remain connected to the same IP network your mobile number remains the same. Grandstream phones, for example, offer great functionality as well as sound quality while they provide you with cost efficiency.

2. Functionality

The view also ensures that you do not miss your calls as it can send the same call two different devices. If you get a phone call, the first few rings will be directed to your office phone and if you do not reply to your laptop or cell phone will get the next ring. That way you are sure never to miss another client call whether you are home or away.

One other feature of view is that I am excited about is the part where you can’t sync it with your video conferencing platform. With this, you can get clear audio as well as table connection on your video conferences which is what every business needs.

You can also stop checking your emails so often because there is a voice mail forwarding feature that gives you that privilege. There is a feature known as called parking which allows a user to place a call on hold then moved to a different location and continue the same call from another device.

If your company does not have a receptionist or anyone who takes direct calls, with VoIP you can use the auto attendant feature. This feature is one that allows you to play an automated message whenever a call comes through to your device, and the automated message would provide your callers with an options menu.

3. The maintenance

Unlike your regular phone, the maintenance of a voice over internet protocol phone is entirely covered by the provider. In other words, it is not a responsibility to handle maintenance. You do not have any business hiring a company to take care of your phone server because the cloud is always accessible and available. So 365 days of the year you have nothing to bother about.

4. The cost

Voice over internet protocol systems is usually a lot cheaper than your regular landlines. It is incredible how the price of around $20 covers for equipment, setup, and maintenance. The only cost you need to consider apart from the 20 dollars will be that of your internet connection which you probably will always have even if you were not using the voice over internet protocol system.

Since we already know that traditional landlines are almost four times more expensive than using voice over internet protocol systems, then the best choice for any business obviously is the VoIP.

Do you use a voice over internet protocol system in your workplace? You can share more about it with us by leaving a comment below.

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