Why Women Cheat? 10 Real Confessions

Women Cheat

From last year till now, we have watched quite some high-profile scandals related to cheating as they unfold. From the John Edwards cheating scandal to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Anthony Weiner and even Jesse James.

All the scandals would make you begin to ask why men are always the ones cheating. Why don’t we touch women doing the same thing?

I hope this doesn’t come to you as a shock, but women also cheat and right now it seems like they are trying to close the gap on what we have assumed largely to be bad behaviour practised majorly by men.

Quite some men have been able to cheat successfully and never get caught by their wives, but the number of men who get caught still out where the number of women who have been found guilty of cheating.

Now we have established the fact that women cheat as much as men do, but the question is why do they cheat?

Infidelity is on the rise at the moment, and in this article, we would be revealing to you why women cheat, the circumstances that surround their cheating, and also how they feel afterwards.

We are featuring the anonymous confessions of different women who have had to cheat one time or many times, and we hope that you learn from them.

Lady 1

” I have cheated quite a lot even though I didn’t do it intentionally in most of the cases. I cheated on boyfriends, I had sex with married men, and sometimes I had to sleep with my friend’s husband. now I’m married, and I can say karma is a bitch.”

Lady 2

” You really want to know if I’ve cheated before? Hell yes. I had dated a guy for almost two years, and the relationship wasn’t turning out the way I wanted; so I hooked up with a friend, and after that, I broke up with my boyfriend. it was super easy.”

Lady 3

“I have definitely cheated on different of my boyfriend before, but I only cheat when the relationship isn’t going well if I am happy and fulfilled with the person I am with I usually have no reason to cheat.

I cheat as a way to mentally detach myself from the relationship and sometimes I just cheat because I want to take revenge on a boyfriend who cheated on me.

The last person I dated and was serious with was a very sincere and honest guy, but somehow I just wasn’t emotionally attached to him, and for that reason, I thought the best way to detach was to cheat and give him a reason to end the relationship.”

Lady 4

“I have cheated on my boyfriends before, and I did so with other women and men. Well, my boyfriends never really got to know that I’m bisexual.

Most times when I cheat with people who are in relationships or who am I just feel bad for the person they are serious with.

But at the end of the day, I just say to myself that if I am not the one who’s being cheated on, then it is not my duty to make sure that the man keeps his zipper locked.

If I’m having sex with an ex-boyfriend who supposedly has moved on with someone else, then I just say to myself that yes I dated this person once before and I can still fuck him whenever I want. so it is safe to say that men are dogs and I can’t say I am not a dog either.”

Lady 5

“If kissing somebody I am not in a relationship with counts as cheating then yes I have cheated twice. The first time I cheated was because I wanted the relationship to end because I was emotionally abused by the guy I was with. And after cheating, he found a reason to dump me which was cool.

The second time I cheated the guy was so good to me so much so that he was willing to forgive me and have us move on. I couldn’t handle it, so I had to do the breakup anyway. I have learnt a lot from those experiences though.”

Lady 6

“When I cheated I was seeing a guy who right now I would refer to as a psychopath. He was more obsessed about having sex with penises instead of a vagina, but it was too scared to come out of the closet, and I had to suffer for it.

He basically found everything wrong with me he found me too shabby I wasn’t pretty enough I wasn’t tall enough every single thing about me was a problem, but I figured he wasn’t attracted to any other lady and then I began to suspect something was wrong.

I never intended to cheat on him until when I realised he was no good. I hooked up with a guy I have had a crush on for a while, and we had crazy sex. It was interesting especially because my psychopath ex-boyfriend called and I spoke to him like everything was OK.

I never mentioned that I cheated, but if I saw him now, I definitely would tell him the entire details of how crazy and interesting the sex I had with another man was.”

Lady 7

” The first time I cheated on my boyfriend I was in high school and I did it because he cheated on me. I found out that he made out with some female soccer player from some other town, and he had to lie to me about it.

So a few weeks later I decided to have sex with someone else, and I didn’t mention it until we broke up.

I got kind of attracted to the guy I had sex with, but we didn’t get to date. The second time I cheated was in my senior year of college, and I had been secretly in love with a particular guy who didn’t notice me until it was almost too late.

Well even though I was in a relationship, I didn’t want to miss my chance with the hottie I have been eyeing, so I went ahead to have sex with him and later told my boyfriend.”

Lady 8

“I had always hate women who cheated, but when I realised my boyfriend was cheating on me I had no choice but to cheat on him because I was angry and I needed to hurt him back before breaking up. my boyfriend was usually away from town, so I decided always to have the other guy over.”

Lady 9

“I have cheated just once, and it is something I regret so much because I loved my boyfriend and we have dated for four years so far.

For the first two years it was a long distance relationship, and for some reason, I felt like there was no chemistry anymore.

I slept with my best friend because he was always there and I felt it was the best way to handle the situation but right now. I am happy all of that is over, and we moved in together, I’m only expecting the best to happen.”

Lady 10

When I said my vows at the altar, I never pictured myself ever cheating on my husband. But two years into our marriage he began to drink, pay less attention to our child and me, and started having an affair with his secretary.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I was getting depressed, and somehow I found solace in a guy I met at a coffee shop.

He and I had sex a couple of times, and he made me feel beautiful and loved. To cut a long story short, I got pregnant for him and had to file for a divorce from my husband. that guy from the coffee shop is the person I’m currently married to, and we have a beautiful baby girl together.”

From the ten confessions, we have seen so far one thing is obvious; most of the time women do not cheat because they deliberately want to there are usually either posted by the actions of the man they are with or the cheat as a defence mechanism. At the end of the day, no one wants to be cheated on because it hurts real bad.

If your relationship isn’t working for whatever reason, cheating is never the best option. Define what you want and what you really deserve then go for it and be happy. Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? you can share with us.

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