Why You Should Buy Small Used Cars?

Small Used Cars
Photo by Oli Woodman

The demand for smaller used cars is extremely high. Experts compare this increase in small, used car sales to the summer of 2008. The low supply increases the demand for the little amount the of new, small vehicles that are available. Customers must bid higher to obtain the vehicle.

When buying a used car, you don’t have to worry about the cost of depreciation. When buying new, your car can depreciate up to 50% within three years. This means you lose a lot of value if you buy a new car in the first few years.

Only 350 different models are offered on the new car market per year, but there are so many more options on the used market. This means you do not have to settle nor pay more just to settle for a vehicle you are not entirely happy with. It’s good news if you cannot find your dream car on the new market.

Insurance is based off of the value of your car which is why it is less expensive with a less expensive car. With new vehicles, they are more expensive, thus insurance is more expensive. Also, you must deal with depreciation over the next three years no matter how well you keep your vehicle. For more information visit greetingsus .

India has a long line-up list of car launches for the year 2010. Chevrolet recently launched it’s cute Beat and is already proving itself a rival killer. Toyota revealed it’s  Etios in the Delhi Auto Expo last month but Indian buyers will have to wait till the end of this year.

Nissan’s all new MICRA is expected to hit showrooms by May this year. Maruti will also launch a face-lifted version of it’s Wagon-R.

Hand washing, done improperly, can damage your car’s exterior. The wrong sort of sponge or soap can also cause damage, or dull the color. A professional car wash uses about half as much water as it takes to wash your car at home. It’s also good for the environment.

A good hand wash is gentle enough to protect your paint, and ensures that from headlights to bumper, your car comes back to sparkling. Some of the circular brushes and scrubbers used by automatic washes can be abrasive over time – so opt for a professional’s hand wash.

The build quality is not the best in its class due to its age but nothing in the cabin has become loose due to the VW build standards and is on par with polo’s of a similar age. The exterior styling I find beautiful especially in yellow as so many of the seat range does.

My current car is a 53reg Seat Ibiza 1.2S 5dr. It has Air conditioning and electric front windows. I have swapped the normal radio head unit for a Sony one that allows me to connect any device via Aux input or Bluetooth so I can use my phone while driving safely.

Despite its small engine and dated interior I love my Ibiza and it will always be my best small car. Since I bought mine it has actually gained value due to the great price I got on it two years ago because of the increased demand ad popularity of smaller more efficient cars.

If there is a lot of build up in your engine, you may need to take a parts brush to break up the gunk. Dawn (as in dishwash soap) works pretty darn well. It is a degreaser itself, so it can help get those heavily soiled spots loosened up.

A typical midsize (3 – 4 adults) 4X4 rental runs between $58 and $65 daily with third party insurance. Rates can vary as much as 20 percent among car rental companies. The following companies were selected because they are the most widely used in Costa Rica.

How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy is a 134 page car drawing guide in downloadable e-book format. Jam-packed with all the tips and techniques from cover to cover. Contains all the information you’ll ever need to draw perfect looking cars quickly and easily.

Author takes you through the history of the car from it’s conception in 1885 to current models. 185 illustrations and step by step guides this is a must have for any budding auto artist. Road to success won’t be easy but, through this book you will learn all the techniques short cuts accumulated over decades.

How to Draw Cars the Hot Wheels Way provides excellent how-to-draw detail that is appealing and easy to follow for Hot Wheels(tm) and drawing enthusiasts. Detailed drawing techniques with descriptive captions allow readers to create their own automotive designs. Author Scott Robertson uses original Mattel artwork throughout.

H-Point demystifies the automotive design process and allows designers access to an illustrious careers worth of knowledge. H-Point was written by the pioneer of the Vehicle Architecture course at Art Center College of Design. It will now be available to aspiring car creators everywhere.

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