Widow’s Weeds: Origin, Uses, and Types

Widow’s Weeds

When you hear the word “Widow’s weeds” what comes to mind is the dress widows wear when mourning their husbands’ rights? Lol.

Another name for marijuana/cannabis is Widow’s weeds and that is what this post is about, not the mourning attire and veils.

The use of marijuana has been on the rise, and it is commonly demanded either for medical uses or for recreational uses. The legalization of marijuana in some parts of the world has made it usage more common than in the past.

Forbes projects the global cannabis industry to be worth $31.4 billion in 2021. This industry is booming due to the fact that cannabis has medicinal properties. It helps treat a variety of medical conditions.

Well, any naturopath or cannabis user will tell you that not all cannabis are created equal and this is true. There are different strains of widow’s weeds and each produces different effects and therefore has different uses.

Origin of Widow’s Weeds

Marijuana has been around since the beginning of time. But overtime, people have been interbreeding marijuana to improve the potency of the herb.

This has led to the many strains of widow’s weeds. In 1995, the original white widow strain was developed and it was a real success because it was very low in CBD.

Since then, the white widow strain has been very popular and one of the most expensive things in an Amsterdam coffee shop. Since 1997, many other strains of widow’s weeds and white widow have been developed.

Different Strains of Widow’s Weeds

Leafy helped us to know the most popular Widow’s weed strains from the reviews. Below are the most popular strains.

White widow

This is the most popular strain of widow’s weeds. It helps people stay energized and alert. White widow is for people feeling fatigued, depressed, stressed, and for pains.

It improves mood, relaxes your whole body, and gives you energy. The top common strains of white widow are:

  • Blue widow
  • Moby dick
  • White Russian
  • American pie
  • Mohan ram
  • Shark attack
  • G13 widow
  • Flashback 2
  • Crystal white
  • White rhino
  • White widow autoflowering

Acapulco Gold

This strain originates from Acapulco, Mexico, hence the name. it is well-known and praised for its euphoria-inducing and energizing effects.

People suffering from nausea, depression, pain, stress, and fatigue will benefit from this strain.

Maui wowie

If you want to feel creative and energetic, this is the perfect strain to use. It also reduces fatigue and makes you feel super relaxed. It reduces fatigue.

On days when you need to be productive and don’t have energy, this can help you.

Blue Dream

This strain is highly soothing and relaxing but it is not a total sedative. It is perfect for people suffering from cramps, insomnia, inflammation, and pains.

Golden goat

This strain is notable for making users feel creative and euphoric. It relieves stress and reduces fatigue. People who are depressed or having mood swings will benefit from the mood-lifting property of golden goat.

Purple Kush

This sedating strain is useful for people suffering from muscle spasms, and pains. It induces a state of bliss and helps you feel relaxed and happy.

Purple Kush even makes insomniacs sleepy. The sedative property helps reduce insomnia.

Northern lights

People suffering from pain, depression, stress, and insomnia will be helped greatly by the northern lights. It relaxes and induces sleep. This strain has a high mood-boosting effect.

Sour diesel

If you are tired and finding it difficult to go through your day, this strain can give you a burst of productive energy. It is highly energizing and lifts mood.

It also has a powerful pain and distress relieving properties.

Super silver haze

If you need an excellent remedy for stress, use this strain. It is super energizing, relieves nausea and pains, lifts mood, and produces feelings of euphoria.

Bubba kush

This is a perfect strain for insomniacs because it is relaxing and sleep-inducing. It also relieves pain and stress.

Pineapple express

The 2008 eponymous movie made this strain popular. It is called pineapple express because it scents like pineapple and it gives an energetic buzz when taken.

It relaxes the body and lifts mood and it is one of the strains good for productivity.

Granddaddy purple

The granddaddy strain is praised for its stress-reducing and insomnia-fighting properties. It is highly relaxing and can make you feel euphoria.

However, users state that it increases hunger. This makes it good for people who are battling a lack of appetite but it is not advisable for people trying to lose weight.

Fruity pebbles

It is best known for inducing euphoria and relaxation. Fruity pebble is another powerful remedy for stress relief. It boosts appetite, reduces nausea, and makes users feel giggly. 

Afghan Kush

This strain originates from the Hindu Kush Mountains located close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It is good for insomniacs as it has a powerful sleep-inducing property and also super relaxing.

It also makes people hungry thereby making it a good choice for people battling loss of appetite. Afghan Kush also relieves pains.

Black widow

This strain of cannabis is a hybrid made by crossing South American sativa (3%) with South Indian Indica (70%). It has powerful relaxing effects and extremely potent in handling medical conditions.

Some of the medical conditions treated with black widow are physical pain, stress, and muscle spasms. It increases appetite and boosts sleep.

LA confidential

This is another relaxing strain that also induces sleep. It can relieve insomnia and also have powerful anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effects.

LA confidential is used often by people experiencing chronic pain. For other strains of widow’s weed, click here.

How to Choose a Strain of Widow’s Weeds

The effect you desire is your main criteria in choosing a strain. Medical marijuana has a lot of uses and some strains can treat a certain condition better than others.

Also, research very well about a strain before trying it or use it under the guidance of a professional. Research or ask about their potential side effects and if they can interact with the medications or herbs you are taking.

Finally, don’t operate a machinery when taking widow’s weed.

If you are considering using medical marijuana, this post can serve as a guide. Please ensure you stick to the instructions above.

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