Wizzy’s Manager Refuses the Baby Mama Title

Wizkid is breaking new grounds every day and his music career can easily be said to be the most successful in Africa at the moment. There is hardly anyone who hears a song by Wizkid and says something negative about it.  As expected, every successful person must have some kind of negative publicity trying to pull them down, and Star Boy has had his fair share. People have called out the singer on many occasions because of the number of baby mamas he already has at his age. Fan fear that he may be towing the same line 2baba towed by having children out of wedlock.

Wizzy has bit been weighed down by any of the stories flying around about his relationship life. The singer has decided to leave his fans confused and speculating what exactly is going on in his love life. Tiwa Savage has been rumoured to be the woman in his life recently because of how the duo have been seen together on different occasions and their activities on stage. But till this very moment, neither Tiwa Savage or Star boy has publicly said they are an item.

Furthermore, Wizzy is currently a proud father of three cute children, but he is not in a relationship with any of the mothers of his children. Rumour has it that there might be some secret love affair still going on between the singer and his manager Jadda Pollock who is based in London and is the mother of his last baby. We are not sure if the mother of three is the current woman in Star boy’s life, but we know that she does a great job as his manager.

Recently, Jada has decided to shake off the baby mama title and maintain her title strictly as the singer’s manager. When a fan who wanted to compliment Jada on social media wrote this: “Nothing better than a baby mama supporting her baby daddy, God bless you Jada”   The Manager who needed to be addressed by her official title replied  “Thanks for your kind words! I’m not just a baby mama supporting her baby daddy.

I’m a manager working extremely hard to elevate and push a global movement that means a lot to us all. ”  That’s a very polite way of saying put some respect to my name!