Wonder Woman Speaks Kicks Isreali Prime Minister’s Ass

DC’s wonder woman is one person we are used to seeing kickass. Nevertheless, she’s not one we have seen kicking ass in the form of political debates about the rights of minorities. When Gal Gadot got into a social media spot recently what she did was kicking ass fighting for the rights of minorities.

Before the wonder, woman actress got involved the argument was initially between the Israeli prime minister and an Israeli supermodel. Now everyone will be interested in knowing why Gal Gadot will go into an argument with Benjamin Netanyahu, and we have put together all the deets in this article, just read further.

What exactly was it that Rotem Sela wrote on Instagram?

Rotem Sela is a popular model and actress in Israel. However, at the moment she is a lot more than just a blonde pretty face. This intelligent young woman is a qualified lawyer mother and political activist. Instagram has never always been that platform of choice when it comes to political activism, but it was this models port of call when she lashed out at the minister for culture in Israel Miri Regev.

Miri gives an interview on national television during his election campaign in which he criticised benny Grantz, the leader of the opposition party Israel Resilience. Regev thinks that the opponent would only be able to form a government with the help and support of Arabs. Sela took up an issue with the suggestion that Arabs could not in any way be part of the government.

The model question why the interviewer did not ask what the problem was with Arabs. Sela added “when will anyone in this government tell the public that this is a country of all its citizens and all people are born equal? the Arabs are also human beings.” she went further to fight for other minorities saying that “also the jews, and the gays, and lesbians and…. gasps….. leftists.”

This supermodels defence of the over 1.8 million Arabs citizens of Israel was met by an unprecedented response from a very unlikely figure.

How did the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu respond?

Amid election fever Benjamin Netanyahu saw this as an opportunity to score political points. he went on Facebook to write that ‘Israel is not a country of all its citizens.” He went further to add that “according to the national state law that we passed, israel is the state of the jewish people and belongs to them alone.”

The israeli prime minister proceeded on to echo the argument of the cultural minister. He encouraged the voters to go out and vote for a strong right-wing government led by himself. The israeli leader may have concluded in his mind that that was the end of the exchange, but he obviously was wrong.

What did wonder woman gal gadot have to say about everything?

Sela and Gal Gadot very close friends so one wouldn’t be surprised that wonder woman stood up to reply Netanyahu. Wonder woman posted to her 28.3 million followers writing “love thy neighbor. the former miss Israel wrote “It is not a matter of left or right, Jews or Arabs, religious or secular, It is a matter of dialogue instead dialogue of peace and of our tolerance for each other it is our responsibility to shine up and lights for a better future for our children.”

This is a bold step by wonder woman to show that she values her friends and she’s willing to stand up for them when it comes to fighting for what is right. other celebrities might begin to stand up every time a world leader comes out to say something that isn’t right but till then we can boldly say that wonder woman has set a pace.

What do you think? Was Gal Gadot a little bit too forward or did she do exactly what she should have done? We look forward to interacting with you, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section provided below.