Working Ideas on Making a Perfect Blog Post


When writing a blog entry you need to understand exactly what you expect from the exercise. Do you want as many people to read it or is it some kind of expression that you are looking for? If it is the former then you will have to be very savvy about the world of the internet and the way it works out there. If it is the latter then you could write what you feel like and wait for people to find it. There are people who do both which means that they will write a blog entry according to their interest and try their best to market it. My advice to you would be to first improve your writing skills and then try your hand at marketing it.

Blog Post


A perfect blog post is something one that engages the reader and makes him wants to subscribe to your posts. Most famous blogs on the internet are those that have excellent posts. These posts could be on a variety of subjects like travel, spirituality or even something as mundane as a home improvement tip. People also tend to voice their opinions on every subject under the sun. When you write a blog post make sure you do not use extremely difficult words. A blog post is not a dissertation thesis. Make it simple. It should not be more complicated than a conversation. Pretentiousness will show through and you do not what the reader to despise you for having made him open a dictionary.

If you are really serious about creating a blog that you would want to be popular then carry a notepad with you at all times, especially when you are travelling or on an adventure. You will need it to jot down the nuances of your experience that you can share with others. Sometimes phrases and usages that you may feel at that time may not come to you when you sit down to write about it. Try to recreate your experiences and bring them to life in words. The reader should be able to identify with your experience. Make sure your blog entries have credibility. If for example your blog is a travel blog make sure that you have authentic and real information. Don’t fabricate stuff. Remember there are knowledgeable people who are reading your blog. You do not want to disappoint them.

You must do the necessary research when writing the blog. It is okay to use other sources, just remember to acknowledge them. If your blog is a cookery blog then you may have to take recipes from some source. Make sure you give that source the due recognition. Promotion of your blog is also a very critical aspect. You could post a link on your social networking profile. There are also ways of search engine optimisation. You could promote your blog entries by using keywords. If your blog is a travel blog then you can use the keywords about the travel destinations, travel arrangements and names of hotels in your content. Blogging is a wonderful way to reach a vast audience. Follow the tips that I have given in this article and I am sure that your blog will be a very successful one.



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