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Xiaomi Grew More in 2017 Than Apple, Samsung and Huawei Compared to Previous Years

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This is that time of the year when smartphone companies calculate their profits and losses then publish the data for the whole tech community to see how rosy or how sour the previous year was for them. In this post, we have some interesting records to discuss and that’s about Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is one of China’s top smartphone manufacturers. They started out 5-6 years ago as android custom ROM makers until they decided to knot their laces and dive into the hot ocean of smartphone production.

Last year, they performed better than any top global smartphone manufacturer did. Not for the sales, but the percentage increase in sales when compared to Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Oppo which all came before Xiaomi in a data produced after an analysis by IDC.

Xiaomi  toppled Samsung, Apple and other top OEMs occupying the front seat in the smartphone market by selling 14 million phones more than they did in the previous year.

They doubled their quarterly shipment from the previous 53 million smartphones in 2016 to 92 million in 2017. All thanks to the amazing smartphones they dished out last year which featured great specs at an affordable price and also targeting poor countries and making smartphones available to the poor.

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Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 and Mi A1 smartphones were two phones that rocked the smartphone industry on lowkey. While they didn’t enjoy the attention Samsung S8/8+ and iPhone products enjoyed, they sure moved numbers while under the radar to help the Chinese brand increase its sales to a whopping 74.5% increase in sales.

Let’s go to the strategies they implemented that facilitated this increased sales, although I have stated one or two above when I wrote they are focusing on providing the poor masses a means to be online by producing cheap smartphones at a very low price.

Another strategy I think gave wings to Xaiomi’s strategy was invading Spain and other technology hungry markets like Russia, India, and Indonesia with very low budget but specs ladened phones like Redmi 5A.

According to IDC, Xiaomi rose to become the 5th largest smartphone makers in the whole world is seriously putting a lot of efforts to increase their sales. Recently, they started putting up physical stores in countries around the world ditching the online store strategy they first implemented when they became a thing in the industry.

While Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and oppo beat Xiaomi to the punch in sales and other parameters in 2017 shipping three to four times more phones than Xiaomi ever did. Xiaomi holds the current record for growing so rapidly in sales in 2017 which was a 74.5% increase. Most of the top brands have a stagnated growth in sales.

According to IDC, Samsung’s records shows only 1.9% increase in shipment year over year and Apple was just 0.2% even with the iPhone X.

Xaiomi haven’t said anything tangible concerning this year but I believe whatever smartphone they have prepared for 2018 will be good enough to propel them higher to achieve greater goals.

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