Xiaomi Mi5 is on Steroids! Blasts AnTuTu with 73K Benchmark Scores


Xiaomi Mi5 is coming no doubt, but this beast is on steroids if the AnTuTu benchmark score is anything to go by. The upcoming device from Chinese OEM giant have previously been on the news as “soon to come” but without any substantial claim, however, all that has changed as the upcoming device was spotted with a benchmark score of 73,075 on the popular bench-marking site.

Xiaomi Mi5 benchmark

From the benchmark screenshot, it’s evident the upcoming Xiaomi Mi5 would be a top contender of current flagships Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge devices.

The big question now is what chip is fitted into the Xiaomi Mi5? While a lot of speculations and tips point at Qualcomm’s next-gen snapdragon 820, but the issue is that the snapdragon 820 isn’t expected to be seen in a working device until sometime after June of 2016, another worthy competitor is MediaTek’s Helio X10 which has been official for a few months now. The high powered chip features a 10-core processor and is currently in a more advanced stage of its development. But, according to Chinese certification authority TENAA, the Xiaomi Mi5 Plus – which is the supposed bigger screened brother of the Mi 5 is listed as having an octa-core CPU, so it may turn out that the Mi 5 could feature the higher up snapdragon 820 chipset afterall.

A glance at the rumored specifications of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 include; a 5.3″ QHD display, 4GB of RAM and 16MP optically stabilized primary camera, and a Type-C microUSB connector.The device is expected sometime around November of 2015.