YouTube Begins Testing ‘Explore’ Tab for Content Discovery on Android


Far back in July, YouTube started experimenting with a new feature which the company has said will help its users find exciting videos, channels and topics that they are unlikely to come across otherwise. The experimental feature, called ‘Explore’, was formally rolled out to a small bunch of users on iOS, and now, YouTube has also begun testing the feature on Android.

The official Team YouTube account recently tweeted that the Explore tab is now being tested pm Android, and just like the iOS, it is still in experimental phase which means its availability is limited to a few numbers of users.

Android devices which are part of the testing group, the Explore tab will replace the “Trending” tab at the bottom bar. The Nokia 7 Plus which boots a neat build of Android Pie has the stable version of YouTube (Build No. 13.34.50) already installed on it, is now showing the Explore tab. As seen in the screenshot attached below, the Explore tab is the second button on the bottom bar on the YouTube app’s homepage on Android.

In a video on the ‘Creator Insider’ channel, by Tom Leung, a Director of Product Management at YouTube, explained that the Explore recommendations will still be curated based on the user’s viewing activity and will also bring ‘a little more variety’ to those recommendations.

“Explore is designed to help users to be exposed to different topics, channels and videos that you may not otherwise encounter, but they are still personalised and based on your recent viewing activity. For example, if you have been watching a lot of videos about telescopes, in Explore, you could see videos about high-end cameras. It’s going to give a little more variety”, Leung said. It’s going to be an amazing feature, though there’s no word on when it will be available to all users.


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