YouTube Stories Expands to Creators with More than 10,000 Subscribers


Depending on the hype of Snapchat and Instagram stories, YouTube introduced its version of the Stories format a while back, but they have been restricted to select content creators on the platform. Well, YouTube Stories is now expanding beyond its testing phase to now becoming available to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers.

The main idea is to give creators another medium to engage with their followers, and it will also reduce the pressure of producing high-quality videos every single day, which has seen some creators getting burnt out. Qualified creators can now share tidbits and highlights from their daily lives, or from their ongoing video edits and production, which can be quickly shot on any smartphone, without needing any specialised equipment.

Well, if you have not gotten a taste of the YouTube Stories yet, there are few screenshots we have attached below to give you an idea of what you are missing. The UI (user interface) holds an uncanny likeness to Instagram Stories, and there’s no denying the fact that because you can see circular icons at the top of the ‘Subscription box’ as well as suggestions in your home feed.

Youtube stories 1

You can also tap on the Stories to play it or just tap on the left or right during playback to jump to the previous or the next Story. While YouTube may have taken their inspiration form their rivals, the feature looks half-baked in its current stage and limits the use-case for creators. Right now, you can jazz up stories with stickers and text, but you cannot add links to other websites or your videos, and neither can you mention other users.

How to Create YouTube Stories

Okay, let us turn our attention to the creators and help them out with the YouTube Stories creation process. So if you have more than 10,000 subscribers, then this feature should be making its way to you right about any time now and it is effortless to use.

  • First, you launch the YouTube app and it will show a prompt if you have got the feature. And if it doesn’t, just tap on the ‘video camera’ icon at the top to see the ‘Story’ option.

Youtube stories 2

  • Then tap on the ‘Stories’ option, give the app the necessary permissions and you will be welcomed with a camera UI that is similar to any other app that has the Stories feature.
YouTube Stories (left) and Instagram Stories (right)
  • Take a snap or select a picture from the gallery and you can then add stickers, text or other effects to the story and then you can hit the ‘Post’ button to share it with your subscribers. There, you are done. Easy right?

youtube stories 3

One-upping Snapchat, Instagram Stories has so far generated a lot of attention, and it allows creators to make exclusive content. Instagram Stories is where the action is these days. While YouTube Stories is looking to emulate the same success with this feature, and if scrolling through your subscriptions or trending tab is getting boring, then Stories might help to rejuvenate your experience.

Some may say that YouTube Stories s coming late, but it would gain a lot of momentum from its creators who have made a living off YouTube. It gives them another smart way to interact with the users and then keeping them engaged.

Tell us what you think about the YouTube Stories. Is it a good idea? Or users should stick to Instagram for Stories? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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