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Zac Brown and Shelly Brown Get Divorced After 12 Years of Marriage


Some good things will come to and end and for Zac Brown and Shelly Brown, their marriage is what has reached the finished line.

On Friday, the country musician and his Jewelry designer wife announced that they are parting ways after being married for 12 years.

In a Joint statement to E! News, the couple said “We feel blessed to be on such an incredible journey in life and sometimes the journey begins to lead in different directions. It is with deep love and respect that we announce we are separating as a couple. We have led a whirlwind life together growing into a beautiful family with five amazing children and while life will be rearranging a bit, our love and commitment to our family will always be there. This was a difficult decision, but we’ve done plenty of tough things together and this is our next venture—love, mutual respect, and care for each other are what we are moving forward with.”

In conclusion of the statement the couple said “Family comes in all different forms, we would like to ask that rather than commenting or spending any energy towards this, that you take this moment to send love to your family, in honor of ours.”

The duo reportedly met during a New Year’s eve and tied the knot in 2006. They share five kids together, four girls and a boy.

“We ended up New Year’s Eve playing a show, my date had stood me up and I remember walking back to my friends with like two minutes before midnight and thinking, I’m not gonna have anybody to kiss on New Year’s,” Brown narrated in a talk for the Big Machine Label Group. “And there she was, standing right there and I remember kissing her and then that was game over.”

This is a sad one but we hope they find some light at the end of the tunnel as they move on from their union to a different phase.