14 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Best Dog Breeds for Kids
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Thinking of expanding your family with the addition of dog breeds for kids?

You must bear in mind that there are always some breeds that, due to their characteristics, may be more suitable than others.

How does having a dog benefit your kids?

Although it is evident that if you decide to have a dog, you will be the one who take care of their care, you can indicate to your kid that he can also collaborate with their care.

In this way, they will learn great values ​​from a very young age; to respect the lives of other living beings, to take care of them, and to have some responsibilities.

Dogs are undoubtedly excellent playmates, good watchdogs, and great friends; they will stimulate the affection and feelings of your kids.

What makes a good family dog?

When we talk about dog breeds for kids, we must take into account many factors that can greatly facilitate coexistence, either because of their size, personality, or qualities.

We are going to review all the aspects to take into account and which are the best dog breeds for kids;

1. Beagle

It is probably the best known dog breed in the world; it looks like a detective hound. The Beagle is a perfect companion for kids.

It has a cheerful and curious character, as well as being very sociable, calm and intelligent.

Its height rarely exceeds forty centimeters at the withers and its weight is around fourteen kilos, it adapts very well to living together in flats and it loves to play and walk making it a perfect dog breed for kids.

2. Shih Tzu

This arrogant-looking little guy actually has a super cheerful and playful character, very affectionate with all the members of the house.

It is a great playmate who loves kids, although obviously with the respect that every dog ​​deserves (you also have to educate your kids well).

Its size is very small with about twenty-five centimeters in height and about seven kilos in weight. It adapts perfectly to living together in flats and is a very social dog, although as with any other dog, socializing it correctly is our job.

3. Cocker spaniel

Its small size and its great affection for its family and social character make it one of the best dog breeds that get along great with kids, which adapt perfectly to family environments.

Barely reaching thirty kilos in adulthood, the Cocker Spaniel adapts perfectly to living together both in flats and in country houses.

His characteristics make him an ideal choice and his intelligence coupled with his kindness will win the hearts of all members of the family.

4. Golden retriever

The golden retriever is one of the dog breeds for kids because of its sensitivity, playfulness and affection for kids.

Same as the Labrador retriever; these retriever breeds are characterized by adapting perfectly to a family environment and enjoying the company of kids to play with.

With a cheerful, affectionate and calm character, they become a great choice to be part of the family.

5. Pug

This dog breed barely exceeds thirty-five centimeters tall when it’s an adult and eight kilos in weight, a whole cunt that will fill the house with joy. It is an ideal dog breeds for kids because it is a very homey.

Affectionate, smiling, respectful and charming with kids, an example of a dog breeds for kids. It is a calm dog sociable in character and is teachable.

6. Yorkshire terrier

Small and perfect for apartments, they are quintessential lap dogs, and ideal dog breeds for kids. Although they are usually a bit nervous with strangers, raising them well from puppies will develop a sociable and little barking character.

7. Saint Bernard

This dog breed is quite popular on movie screens as a rescue dog in the high snowy peaks, with a noble and imposing appearance.

It is a super affectionate, respectful and playful breed. Ideal as a playmate for kids, although its size may impress.

The Saint Bernard is a dog that needs a lot of space to live, not recommended to have in an apartment. It can measure up to seventy centimeters and weigh even ninety kilos, a colossus that also requires great maintenance.

8. Bobtail

Although it looks like a giant stuffed animal, it is actually a dog; very affectionate, playful and cheerful. It is an excellent dog breed for kids, and is known in the US as the nanny dog.

This breed loves the outdoors; walking, exercising, and enjoying the company of kids, it is very sociable, and adaptable, remember to brush it regularly because of its full coat.

9. Boxer

Possibly the breed of dog with the most desire for games in the whole world, for a reason it is known as “the eternal puppy”. No matter how old the boxer is, he will always be ready to play and have a good time.

With a cheerful, affectionate, and very playful character, it is an excellent dog breed companion for kids. It adapts perfectly to family coexistence and is also a good guardian.

10. German shepherd

The German shepherd is one of the most versatile dog breeds out there for kids. It adapts to all kinds of situations, it is an excellent companion and, in addition, very obedient, intelligent, easy to train and protective of kids.

As if that were not enough, this dog loves kids and is extremely affectionate with them.

In case of having a baby or a very young child, the German shepherd will tend to protect him, while if the child is older, the dog will want to play with him and both can have fun times of play and training.

11. Poodle

The poodle is another ideal dog breeds for kids, especially kids with allergies because it is hypoallergenic.

There are four types of poodles namely; the toy poodle, the dwarf poodle, the medium and the standard or large poodle.

Since we are looking for the best dog breeds for kids, we recommend opting for the larger varieties, especially if it is to live with young children.

The smaller sizes are recommended for older children, with a certain responsibility and conscience not to do them any harm.

In any case, the poodle is a hypoallergenic dog, so it does not usually produce reactions in allergic people.

Likewise, it is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world, easy to train and active. It is precisely because of their intellectual capacity that they need to receive a lot of mental stimulation.

12. Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is one of the most playful dog breeds ideal for kids because of their playful nature.

The Dalmatian do breed has been used in movies countless times because of its size; it becomes an excellent option as playmates with kids and to spend with the family.

Very loyal and rooted to their owners, they are also patient and calm.

This breed lives in a flat but loves to go for a walk and run, the Dalmatian dog needs exercise and a place where it can be free.

Large in size, it can measure two feet and weigh about thirty kilos. They are very social and cheerful dogs, which adapt perfectly.

13. Bichon Frize

This little guy barely exceeds a foot tall as an adult and his weight rarely exceed four kilos. The Bichon Frize is a very active and energetic dog despite its size, so it needs daily walks to vent.

Charming with kids and a great playmate, but although it looks like a stuffed animal, it does not like to have its hair or ears pulled (like any dog). It is undoubtedly a good option to share life with kids.

14. Golden doodles

Another dog breed for kids is golden doodles; it is a mix between golden and poodle that can come in various sizes; although at general levels they are small or medium-sized dogs.

These dogs are very affectionate and affectionate, ideal as playmates and with a calm character. They are also very intelligent, cheerful and sociable; as if this were not enough, they barely pull hair.

Without a doubt, a great option to assess if it fits our needs.

As adults they can reach up to two feet, although they are generally smaller. Its weight varies depending on its size, ranging from 10 to 15 kilos.

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