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blogger, entrepreneur and founder of krafty sprouts, a tiny digital media publishing agency.
smart power

MIT smart power outlet can identify dangerous electric spikes

The engineers at MIT have developed a smart electrical outlet that can learn what appliances are plugged in and tell dangerous electric spikes from spikes that are benign. MIT says that nuisance trips are...
alternative medicine

Study warns teen “alternative medicine” use is growing

A study out of the University of Illinois, Chicago, warns that kids and teens — especially teens — are using “alternative medicine” in growing numbers. The research was recently published in the journal JAMA...
smart tv

Smart TV Versus Traditional TV – Top Differences

Television has always been an essential part of the family and social life. There has been a development in the technologies and an evolution of the television technology and now the traditional TVs are...

Website Hacked? MalCare Security Service to the Rescue!

Did you know that 73% of the 40,000 most popular websites are built on WordPress? There is no doubt that WordPress is world’s favorite website building platform. Each year hundreds of thousands of hack...
smart tv

Top 7 Benefits of a Smart TV

Well, there is no wonder as to why a smart TV is smart? Gone are the days when television box used to be an idiot box. A growing number of models of television are...

Why Should You Get a Smart TV?

Wondering whether a smart TV is what you should go for? Worried that it may not be as useful as you would want it to be for you? Don’t worry - we have got...
microsoft github

Microsoft Confirms it’s Acquiring GitHub for $7.5 Billion

Microsoft is acquiring GitHub. After reports emerged that the software giant was in talks to acquire GitHub, Microsoft is making it official today. This is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s second big acquisition, following the...
smart tv

How Can Smart TV Make Your Life Easier and Simpler?

Smart TVs are the devices of the present and the future. Loaded with amazing features like internet connectivity, interactive software, applications for daily use and much more, smart TVs are now replacing the conventional...
Google home max

Google Home Max Review

Cortana has surely made the world far easier to live. Without having to type, you can put instructions to it just the way you like. You could ask it about the weather. Or to...
Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus Review

Do you want to ace the race for the best smart home? Then Amazon Echo Plus is the one gadget that is one stop solution to all. Without the requirement of any additional hub,...