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Hasta Uttanasana (Raised Arm Pose)

Everything You Need to Know About Sun Salutation

Since ancient times yoga is known for its health benefits and it consists of many types and procedures. Sun salutation is one of the...

8 Things You Can Do to Control and Manage Your Anger

Anger is a common issue faced by numerous people every day. It is a natural emotion that reflects our inner state and at times...

50 Fun ‘Would You Rather…?’ Questions

If you need something to discuss and keep up conversation maybe with a date, with a friend or a significant other, at a party,...
Operatic Singing

Operatic Singing: All You Should Know

Usually when we talk of entertainment, what comes to our minds most times is film pop music(rap, RnB, Blues) and so on, but we...
Diamond Rings

Why People Don’t Buy Diamond Rings Anymore?

Identified as a notoriously value conscious generation, the millennials have shown to have a peculiar group of preferences tastes and choices. a lot of...

What Your Horoscope Says in 2019?

The year 2018 was a challenging one for a lot of people, and now that 2019 is here it looks like a lot is...
Discussion Skills

Building Excellent Discussion Skills

It is possible that this is not the first time you would have heard that if you intend to advance your career, then you...
Indian Man Claims Lesbian Lady Married His Daughter Using Black Magic

Indian Man Claims Lesbian Lady Married His Daughter Using Black Magic

The Indian police of currently dealing with a case of a man who claims that a lesbian woman had used black magic to convince...
Tulsi Gabbarb

Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbarb Apologized for Anti-LGBT Past

Sometimes all people want to do is forget the past but when you're a presidential hopeful forgetting the past just might not be a...

Bangladesh Set to Have First Transgender Prime Minister

There is so much to celebrate for the lgbt community as bangladesh is set to have his very first transgender member of parliament following...

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