How Can Businesses Deal With Rising Ransomware Threats?


In the world of Tech, ransomware is a growing interest in 2019. A report carried out by Dimension Data states that ransomware attacks increased between 340% between 2016 and 2017. This is a serious concern that businesses around the world need to be prepared for.

If the rising incidents of ransomware are not enough proof to get people’s attention, then they need to start paying a lot of attention to other horrifying statistics.

The cost of ransomware is also rising rapidly. The average loss caused by ransomware infection is $2,500. This is a massive cost for smaller businesses.

However, there’s good news; these costs can be dramatically mitigated. Here are some of the things that you can do.

Always Create a Backup for your Important Files on another Server

You don’t want to exclusively backup your files locally. A ransomware infection can eat deep to the entire local network, thereby preventing you from accessing your valuable files.

Backing up your files remotely is a much better option. You can save your files in the cloud very quickly too. This means that you can keep your access to them even if a hacker gains control of your local file drive.

Wipe the System Drive and Restore Selected Data with an Appropriate Data Recovery Solution

There’re a lot of great data recovery solutions out there in the market. These include tools like R Drive Image.

Here’s how you can use these tools if you are a victim of ransomware attack.

  • Wipe your entire drive. But do not overwrite the data. You only just need to mark the data for deletion, this will render the ransomware useless.
  • Prepare your hardware to boot in safe mode once you have to reinstall your core operating system (OS) in the same drive it was earlier set up.
  • Select the files that you need to restore. You can repair them with your data recovery tool.
  • Always make sure that you know where the copies of the ransomware are so that you don’t restore them by accident.

You will be able to restore all your files without having to worry about the ransomware affecting the rest of your computer.

Educate you Team about the Risks of Social Engineering

Social engineering is a significant concern that everybody will need to worry about when they are trying to deal with the possibility of ransomware or any other type of cyber-attack.

Is it essential to be prepared for social engineering cyber-attacks? The answer is yes. Witherward to popular belief, hackers are not socially inept losers living in their mom’s basement like some movies would describe. They are sometimes gifted social engineers, and they use this to perpetuate their attacks a full 84% of hackers use social engineering.

You need to be made aware of all the different types of attacks that come with social engineering. Because it’s the best way to prepare. But bear in mind that they evolve and they modify their method over time. You can’t get stuck into looking for a specific set of messages. Instead, you need to train your staff to look for unusual red flags that hackers are likely to employ

Have the Best Malware Protection Tools

Using malware protection is also very important for preventing a ransomware attack. This should go without saying, but you’ll also be surprised by now how many people don’t have the appropriate malware protection on their systems.

Most of the people that have don’t even update it regularly. Since they generally use the free versions of the products, the webkits are not updated in real-time to deal with new threats.

Do you have any thoughts concerning this? Let’s know by using the comments section below.

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