The Weird Case of a Football Match Between Spain and South Africa

Football Match Between Spain and South Africa
Image credit: Bleacher Report

Prior to 2020, even international football friendlies had rules regarding the number of substitutions. The website 1xBet is for sports betting Uganda, and it also allows its members to wager on interesting, friendly contests.

Specifically, teams were able to make six substitutions per match. This was far more than the three substitutions allowed in competitive matches.

Of course, this allowed teams to try new variants and players in those kinds of contests. The website 1xBet Uganda is for sports betting, and it features matches from the best football squads in the entire world.

A serious injury

On the 19th of November 2013, Spain visited South Africa for a friendly match. The European team was preparing to play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup with the hope of repeating the incredible title obtained in 2010.

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Vicente del Bosque, who was the coach of the Spanish team at that moment, had selected three goalkeepers for the contest.

They were:

  • Iker Casillas;
  • Víctor Valdés;
  • and Pepe Reina.

Casillas played the first half of the match and was able to keep his goal undefeated. Del Bosque decided to send Valdés to the field during half-time in order to see how the then Barcelona goalkeeper could perform.

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Yet, later in the second half, Valdés sustained a muscular injury that prevented him from continuing playing. Spain had already made all their six substitutions.

For this reason, the correct thing would have been to send an outfield player into the goal, but that’s not what happened.

An extra substitution

It is not clear whether Vicente del Bosque realized that he was out of substitutions. Punters can visit the website – popular online casino can be explored before other matches from the Spanish national side.

In any case, the coach decided to make an extra substitution that clearly went against the rules. Pepe Reina replaced the injured Valdés. There was no punishment for the Spanish team because of this action, as this was only a friendly.

It can even be argued that South Africa was punished by this action more than the Spanish team. The South African team defeated Spain 1-0 with a goal scored by Bernard Parker.

However, because of this extra substitution, FIFA stated that this match wouldn’t be considered for the statistics. This is something that the South Africans thought was quite unfair.

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