Xiaomi, Other Chinese Brands Prepares For US Ban

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Most parts of last year were dominated by the trade war between the USA and China and smartphone makers Huawei was caught in the middle. In the resulting power play between both countries, Huawei was banned from using Google’s media suite

With Huawei already serving a ban and being restricted from Using Android and Google Media Services, other Chinese companies have reportedly been making plans in case they become the next target in these trade wars.

Xiaomi is one of them as the company’s product manager Abi Go talked about several interesting topics, including the US Ban issue.

“We are currently evaluating the situation. But at the moment there has been no contagion effect. In fact, we are working side by side and intensively with US companies, such as Qualcomm, in our chipsets, or Google, in our products of the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem. says Xiaomi global product manager.

In any case, if in the future something happens we have a plan B. Among other things we are investing a lot in several semiconductor manufacturers in China.

But we believe that our business strategy should not be conditioned by the decisions made by politicians. So far we have opted to integrate the best components in our products. In addition, we will continue to do so in the future.

“We are convinced that what is really important is that we always do our best without caring about what our competitors do.

We believe that it is positive to have competition because it forces us to try our best. Our strategy is to do what we think we should do, and always do our best.” says the Xiaomi spokeswoman.

Another Chinese company, Oppo has reportedly joined an alliance with Huawei as they both enlisted the help of Indian developers to develop Google media services alternatives and other apps for the Huawei Harmony OS AppGallery.

Should they succeed in bringing a viable alternative to the Android OS, it means Huawei, Honor, Oppo, Vivo. OnePlus and Realme (all who dominates in the Chinese and Indian Market) may ditch the Android OS for good.

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