8 Mobile Apps to Help You Sleep Better at Night


For many people, getting a good night’s sleep has become an unaffordable luxury. The number of people who have insomnia around the world is on a rapid increase.

Studies show that nearly 30% of the world’s adult population suffers from sleep deprivation leading to stress and fatigue. If you have been finding it challenging to fall asleep and stay asleep, you probably have insomnia.

Insomnia is of two distinct types classified based on the severity. If you experience a lack of sleep only for a few days due to a recent occurrence or because you have a big day ahead of you in a few hours, then we can say you have acute insomnia because of its briefness.

When sleep eludes you at least three times weekly, and you have suffered from this lack of sleep for a minimum of three months, then you have the “Chronic type of insomnia.”

Sleep deprivation could be as a result of some other illness, stress, work, running shifts, change of environment, or even anxiety.

Not being able to sleep and not getting enough sleep are equally detrimental to both physical and mental health, but there’s good news for everyone!

What’s the good news?

There are ways to find quality sleep again, and I do not mean the sedatives you probably have been taking or the home remedies you are finding difficult to keep up with because you get lazy or forget. We are talking cheap, handy, and stress-free solution available to you whenever you want.

Technology has brought a new turn to our daily life by changing our routines. From making elaborate building plans to teaching kids how to lace their shoes, our computers and mobile phones have been a friend in need.

That is why you can now find sleep at the tip of your fingers just by downloading a couple of cool mobile applications and using them. Check out these eight mobile applications for Android and iPhones that are sure to help you catch some zizz.

1. Pzizz


“Pzizz” is one of the most cooling 2018 sleep aiding mobile applications you should try. This App uses exciting sounds to induce relaxation while offering you the choice of having either a male or female voice over to go with you on your journey to sleep land alongside any of the available sleep tunes you choose.

The volume to the voice-over and sleep tunes are individually adjustable. Best part? The App is free, but if you want additional features, you have the option to subscribe to them. Get more from your afternoon naps and night rests with “Pzizz”.

2. Relax and sleep well

Relax and sleep well

Like the name of this Mobile Application suggests, it helps you relax and get an excellent sleep. The “Relax and sleep well” app was designed by Harold Glenn who had practiced hypnotherapy for about twenty years before the creation of this remarkable piece of work to help people with sleep deprivation out of their misery.

This application does not only help you find sleep, but it also helps with anxiety. You can either choose to use the free features or access over 80 meditation and hypnotherapy sounds for a fee.

3. Simple habit

This mobile Application is more specific and straightforward to use compared to others. It offers different features that are peculiar to particular moods and helps you handle stress through meditation.

Simple Habit App provides a series of five minutes meditation sessions that can help with public speaking and nerve calming which you can listen to while you work or travel.

This mobile application has features to help you find sleep when its bedtime or when you just need sleep during the day. It’s one App you should try.

4. Sleep easy meditations (Available both on iPhone and Android)

If you are one of those stay home mothers who would like a good afternoon nap but still want to wake up just in time to get the kids from school or hurry off to the grocery store, Then the “Sleep easy meditation” mobile application is perfect for you.

Using music by Ali Calderwood and real meditation by an author of many books on meditation Shazzi, this free app offers you a therapeutic session that is sure to help you drift into deep sleep.

5. Noisli (Now available both on iPhone and Android)


Sleeping in a noisy environment is usually difficult, even though some people who have a healthy sleep life can find sleep when they are tired regardless of how much noise is around them.

If you are looking to improve concentration by blocking out all external noise, then this is your app. “Noisli” was specially designed to help people work and sleep better.

People with chronic insomnia will find dis easy to use app helpful as it uses soothing sounds to put you at ease and induce sleep. This app has no free feature for now, so you will have to path with only $1.99.

6. Calm

This application just might give you a nostalgic feeling at first use. “Calm” tries to help you find sleep by telling you adult bedtime stories that are targeted at giving you the same soothing effects bedtime stories have on kids. Guided meditations are also a feature of this app, and it is available to both Android and iPhone users.

7. Sleepo

This mobile application is my personal favorite. If you are a lover of nature and find it easy to relax when it rains, then you should try “Sleepo” From the sound of thunder to birds chirping and everything in between, “Sleepo” sure gives you a range of soothing sounds to choose from.

This app allows you to combine different sounds and regulate the volume of each sound to your taste. The sounds from the sleepo app can help you concentrate and tackle anxiety. Its features are free and available both to Android and iPhone users.

8. Sleep Genius

This application stands out because of its ability to guide your brains through a complete sleep cycle using sounds.

Its soothing sounds work with your mind to help you sleep and wake up when your body has had enough rest and is ready for a productive new day.

Why go through the process of taking sleep pills when sound sleep is just a few clicks away? Download these awesome apps and thank me later?

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