Top 14 NFT Games for iOS (iPhone and iPad) to Earn

NFT Games for iOS

Consider the possibility of earning money while playing daring activities in the exact location. Today, we’ll take a look at the Top 14 NFT Games on iOS. 

Furthermore, in the NFT gaming market, a play-to-earn strategy game is in high demand. Here, gamers can make a passive income by playing for money.

The popularity of NFT games is due to the minimal initial investment and a subsequent valid return. 

Many NFT games for iOS let everyone earn a reward with other players. These are drawn from various gaming genres, including action, strategy, hyper-casual, etc. 

However, if you’ve ever wanted to make money, here is the place to be. The Top 14 NFT games for iOS are all discussed in this article. Using android? Check out NFT games for android.

These NFT games take gaming to an entirely new level. 

1. Reward Hunters

Reward Hunters is a new free-to-play game for iOS and Android that has a battle royale mode, an open environment, a medieval setting, and various avatars.

Players can also engage in one-on-one battle or fight in an eight-player game where the last player standing wins.  

This Battle Royale MMORPG will include betting events and weekly championships in the future, among other things. However, to join, users must first obtain the RHT token, which entitles them to Binance Coin (BNB) rewards. 

2. Synergy Of Serra

Synergy Of Serra is one of the best NFT games for iOS to earn in 2022. Another card game, “Synergy Serra,” defends Serra against alien invasion.

You can utilize 90 unique cards for free as a starter. Your gaming progress determines your seasonal awards.  

Furthermore, Serra’s Synergy creates a new game genre by combining traditional Strategy Card Games with the limitless gameplay options of Deckbuilder Card Games.

Join the six biological and mechanical groups in the fight against an unknown danger on the planet Serra. Become Serra’s most powerful commander. 

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the last on our list of top NFT games to plan and earn in 2022. “Axie Infinity” is without a doubt the most popular NFT game on the iOS platform right now, as well as the giant NFT game overall. This blockchain game allows you to create an Axie squad of monsters.  

Additionally, you can purchase, sell, or trade them in the market. Your mission is to assemble a powerful team of Axis who will assist you in collecting SLPs. Just be wary of the phony ronin mobile wallets circulating on the platform.

4. Farmers World

Farmers World is an excellent name for a game where you can earn money by playing. To build and harvest farms, players will need a range of equipment, materials, and lands.  

However, the game, built on the WAX blockchain, has experienced rapid growth in recent months. Farmers World requires the ownership of a specific NFT.

In addition, players can earn rewards by battling other farmers while waiting for their harvest to finish. 

5. Crypto Crusaders

Crypto crusaders are also one of the top NFT games for iOS. “CryptoCrusades” is now available for iOS users and Android users.  

Additionally, Ethereum is used in this game, as it is in some of the other NFT games described above. In this game, you can take on the role of an artisan, a farmer, a warrior, and more. 

6. War Of Crypta

Wars are fought in this game in a fantastical realm. At the start of the game, you have the option of selecting four characters.

However, the characters are in their most basic incarnations at this phase. They gain talents and develop specific abilities as the game proceeds.  

Additionally, in War of Crypta, the learning ability of the character you choose is a unique feature. They start as baby dragons, and by the time they reach adulthood, they’ve acquired elements and powers that correspond to the wars they’ve waged. 

7. Binemon

Binemon is also one of the top NFT games for iOS to Play and earn this year. It was only a matter of time before meme NFTs influenced play2earn games.

Furthermore, Binemon is a pokemon-inspired crypto game that combines multiple elements into one universe, including collectibles, gacha, RPG, and adventure.  

Players can create a pet army to fight in either a PvE or PvP environment. Additionally, Ambrosia is one of three in-game currencies that players can obtain.

DRK, one of the native currencies, can purchase Mons on the marketplace. 

8. Plant vs. Undead

Anyone who has played Plants vs. Zombies will be familiar with the main gameplay in Plants vs. Undead. Meanwhile, players can own their plants as NFTs in the multiplayer tower defense game.  

Plant Vs. Undead is a free-to-play mobile game with a play-to-earn system. Additionally, Plant vs. Undead has grown in popularity in Brazil because it allows players to win rewards without paying a charge. 

9. Realm

Combining many aspects into a single game is never easy. Realm brings together music, art, and gameplay to create the ultimate Realm, complete with augmented reality portals that allow users to go to an infinite number of micro verses.  

Furthermore, Realm is a mixed-reality NFT game that allows players to search for rare NFTs and REALM tokens to master the worlds.  

Additionally, players can also collect and nurture 3D interactive pets that evolve according to which world they visit. Artists can create new realms and split royalties. 

10. Monster Infinite

Monsta Infinite is one of several monster-themed games that can become one of the most popular play2earn games in the Philippines and beyond.  

Players must, however, obtain three Montas from the marketplace to join in combat. Each Monsta has six card talents, two attack cards, and two defense cards. 

11. Devikins

Devikins is also one of the top NFT games to play and earn. MoonLabs, the team behind Devikins, has a player-first philosophy, which is critical.

Furthermore, players can gather characters and breed new ones in Devikins’ ever-expanding environment to make their roster more robust and diverse.  

In addition, the turn-based RPG includes a Tamagotchi aspect and a JRPG fighting system. Players may also use Devicoin to buy and sell characters on the built-in marketplace (DVK). 


MOBOX is another play2earn platform that compensates users for their participation. MOMO Farmer, Token Master, Trade Action, and various other games are available under the MOBOX name.  

MOBOX is a captivating ecosystem that successfully blends gaming, NFTs, and Defi mechanisms into a compelling ecology where users may devise tactics to maximize their yield and obtain unique NFTs.  

Additionally, MOBOX, like other play2earn games, offers an in-game marketplace where users may buy, sell, and trade in-game things. 

13. Division Network

“Division Network” is the best NFT game for you on iOS if you prefer virtual reality games. NFT is available for purchase directly from the creators.  

Everyone is welcome to visit this virtual reality world. In addition, you can chat with anyone here about token exchanges and cryptocurrencies and negotiate with them. 

14. Battle Racing Stars

Multiplayer racing games always enthrall players. You can compete with pals and win tokens in this game. New features and locations become available as you go through the stages.  

Furthermore, the game offers many characters, each with its skills and weaknesses. In addition, the best part is that every asset in the game can be transferred between players. 

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