7 Signs That Show When a Person Is in Love With You

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Ever been in a situation where you are hanging with friends, and a tall, sexy lady walks in with a personality that blows your mind immediately.

Then you start feeling funny in your stomach and you find yourself completely elated. In other words, “butterflies in your belly”, only this time, it affects every other part of your body.

In cases when someone you care about is close by and you start to sweat excessively, stutter, blushing and constantly running your fingers on your hair  or by experience hormonal and psychological changes, then these are signs that you are feeling something influenced by tender emotions called love.

These signs may be obvious to you even if the person crushing on you is trying hard to hide it, so let us consider some of the signs that can clearly reveal the obvious and none obvious signs.

Change of voice

No matter how hard someone who is in love with you acts, their voice definitely changes. Study revealed that when a woman communicates with someone she loves; her voice gets softer and higher unconsciously.

Research also revealed that women can also manipulate their voice to be on a lower pitch with more vibrations so they can appear more favorable and more attractive.

Although, men would unconsciously prefer women whose voice pitch is high and more womanly. This instinctively indicates that women with higher voice pitch are likely to show more care and are reliably ready for a long-term relationship.

Hormonal changes

Scientists believe that the passions we feel are triggered by certain hormones in our bodies. The release of these hormones causes people to experience romantic feelings and passion that they can’t pretty much control.

On the other hand, though, men show signs of falling in love differently because at first, the levels in which men and women show their sexual and emotional preferences are the same.

Men get more romantic, show more attention and tender due to the presence of oxytocin, while women experience a rush energy and an active sex drive because of testosterone.

But the tables turn when the level of hormones returns to its former state, then women feel a lack of attention and men want more intimate moments they aren’t getting.

Pupils dilating

As it is commonly said, “the eyes are windows to the soul” and our eyes, if read properly can play a vital role at the beginning of a relationship.

To quickly understand moods and how they change, the movements and changes of our eyes are the most efficient way of seeing and knowing if people who we are with truly love us.

Blushing uncontrollably

When a person you care about walks up to you and compliments you with a smile, or looks at you in a special way for the first time, to others, it may not seem like a big deal but there is no controlling the blush that rushes on your face

It doesn’t matter your complexion, your cheeks would always have that touch of red, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Blushing is said to be a natural reaction to fear of being “caught”. Modern psychologists discovered that blushing is in fact very useful and can make you more desirable.

Psychologist Ray Crozier interviewed some people about situations that cause them to turn red, and concluded that it commonly involves the potential exposure of something personal, not entirely connected to embarrassing situations.

The blushing could be a physiological reaction to the shock of your secret becoming public. Blushing inevitably causes you to want to hide your face and would give off the impression that you are shy and want to avoid excess attention. We may even for a fact conclude that is one of the most reliable features of honesty.

Superman effect

A study at the University of California in Los Angeles makes us understand that married men and men in long-term relationships in loving and happy relationships –especially men older than 25- have healthier and stronger bones.

However, men have weaker or no bone strength and get lazy around women they feel nothing for.


Our body has a funny and strange way of reacting whenever we are expressing deep emotions most of the time, this reacts causes us to be confused, nervous, loss of appetite, mood swings, and fatigue; and in extreme cases, fainting.

These are clear signs that we are in love and our body would show this signs in more ways than one. Nausea happens when the blood vessels in your stomach constrict, and this can be caused by a stress hormone known as cortisol.

However, unpleasant symptoms fade away when your relationship becomes more stable and you’ve gotten more used to each other. Although, there are chances that this signs may occur again, especially during weddings, anniversary, special occasions that happens in a relationship.


“I’d cross seven seas, climb the highest mountains, fight a bear for you”. Love makes us do crazy unimaginable things, impossible things even.

Mothers have been seen lifting cars with their hands so they could free their child; men scaling through tall fences just to get to their loved ones.

The thing is love literally lets us harness superpowers caused by the release of oxytocin into our systems when we are in love and it can also increase our tolerance for physical pain.

This is why people experiencing this strange and awesome feeling believe they’re able to do anything for their beloved.

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