Top 9 Prison Dating Sites in 2022

Prison Dating Sites

Thanks to tech advancement, many prisoners can now have another chance at love through prison dating sites.

Prisons are of various sorts these days, and these may include adult correctional centres, local and federal jails.

All these are correctional facilities meant for punishment and rehabilitation of inmates, but it doesn’t stop them from being involved in any romantic activity.

There is an array of dating sites that enables prisoners to socialize, connect and establish a rapport with people outside the walls of their prisons.

The primary purpose of these dating sites is to help prison inmates meet with new people who can help them move on from their past lives and starts afresh.

Nevertheless, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. You must be positive this is the right thing you want to do. Meaning, let your choice be someone who you’d be safe around and is already undergoing rehabilitation by the correctional facility.

Be sure that this person is ready to forgo their old habits, move on and committed to living a good life. Don’t make the mistake of selecting someone who is only pretending to be a changed man just to bed you and then break your heart, or do something worse.

Though from observatory studies, it has been discovered that most women involved in prison dating only do so to move on from their recently broken relationships or to heal from a heartbreak.

​This article will be discussing some prison dating sites which do not only grant free access to visitors but also provide safety and comfort for those willing to connect with the prisoners.

So below are some of the most popular prison dating sites:

1. Meet An Inmate

This site has been in operation for a long time, and it is very famous. Its tagline reads “Connecting prisoners with pen pals since 1998”. The site has a database of registered prison inmates with their respective profiles.

Prisoners who are looking for pen pals to connect with register on this site. So people visit the site and then select a profile they like and write to the prisoner who has that profile.

The site has features such as a home interface that displays a list of numerous inmates willing to connect with new people. Each of the profiles is made up of a brief description of the inmates’ bio-data.

Information such as name, birth date, religion, educational background and height are required on the profile.


  • The site’s interface is very easy to understand and navigate
  • You can search for a profile using data such as occupation and age on the search filter
  • The site displays a record of the prisoner activities in jail
  • There is a communication channel on the site for sending and receiving emails


  • The site has no way of verifying the authenticity of an inmate’s profile description
  • You can’t know for sure if the inmate is truly a changed person or a pretender
  • Photos upload on profiles are optional, so some profiles won’t have photos on them

2. Write a Prisoner

This site was founded and operational in the year 2000, and since then, it has ranked among the prison dating sites with the highest number of traffic.

This site is the ideal location for professionals who wish to help the inmates reintegrate themselves gradually into society and live normally.

It is not a free site though, the inmates pay for their profiles to be shown on the site, and this money covers postal charge and other expenses.

The site has exciting features such as easy communication opportunities between pen pals and inmates on various subjects such as visitations, what’s in store for them after their release and their ambitions.

The site also enables you to register as a counsellor, pen pal, legal informer, a housing provider, an artist and an educational material provider. This is one of the best sites for prisoners nearing the end of their sentence.


  • The site provides scholarship opportunities for prisoners willing to learn
  • Aside pen-pals, there are other notable options to register as
  • The prisoners have options to be provided with things such as legal information, educational materials and so on
  • The prisoner can be sent works of art such as poems via this site
  • The site has a blog/forum on which inmates can share their views


  • The website is loaded with too many pop-up ads which can really be a nuisance
  • The array of options and sub-options are numerous enough to confuse someone visiting the site
  • A lot of profiles of inmates on the site have no photos

3. Inmate Mingle

This site enables and advocates for all levels of relationships ranging from new friendships and casual dates to serious relationships. Its tagline reads “Making connections from the inside out” which is very symbolic of what they do.

Through this site, it has become easy for inmates to connect to the outside world. The site is very beneficial because it not only helps inmates foster new bonds with new people but gives them the motivation to live a better life.

It motivates them to forsake their past and hope for batter future as a normal, law-abiding citizen would. This site has helped a lot of people find their soulmates.

Inmate Mingle has special features such as auto-displays of profiles of the inmates whose birthdays happen to be the same day you visit the site and searching for profiles.

If the profile interests you, you can send them a birthday wish. The site can be accessed via phones and computers.

The site also displays the contact information of every prisoner with a profile on the system so that you can have an address if you want to send an email to that person. The website is restricted to people below the age of 18.

The site has very specific instructions on its disclaimer page.


  • The site is free
  • Its special features dedicated to inmates’ birthdays have a way of making them feel good
  • The inmates’ profiles also display their mailing address
  • The site interface is easy to navigate
  • It has an age restriction. It can only be accessed by individuals who are 18 years and older


  • There is no way to authenticate the veracity of information posted by prison inmates
  • Some of the profile photos displayed are not clear
  • The site has poor quality service
  • Too many advertisements on the home interface

4. Women Behind Bars

This is a site reserved exclusively to people who are interested in female inmates. The site has a database of thousands of female inmates in various prisons across the world.

The site has been operational since 1997, and it has been helping female inmates connect with new friends.

The site goes beyond the search for pen pals; it enables female inmates to seek relationships, as stated in their profiles.

The site enables the inmates to customize their profile, and it is designed in a way that the inmate doesn’t need to be the one messaging first but will be approached by the other interested party.

The profile of every inmate is forwarded to every prison included in the network of the website. All that’s required of you is to register an account and find one or multiple profiles you are interested in and add the profile to your cart. The contact address of the woman will be sent to you.


  • The website’s interface is very aesthetic
  • Each female inmates’ profile has an array of options you can browse
  • There is a photo gallery where one can access the photos of available women
  • One can create a profile on the site and get messages by women
  • Inmates get approached by interested parties
  • It is the ideal site for those who wish to help the woman move on from the shades of her past, help her settle, and show her a life of love


  • It is not for those who are interested in men
  • The website only operate in specific locations
  • It is not easy to get the contact address of a woman on the site
  • The site is not free

5. Inmate Passions

This site is designed to look a lot like popular social media, Facebook. It doesn’t just allow the inmates to find love but also help them get admirers and friends

It is the most interactive dating sites for prison inmates. It has platforms such as groups, chats, forums and other social activities that distinguish the site from dating sites.

The site is free to use, and it has a very user-friendly interface. It is not just helpful to the inmates but also to those who are interested and willing to connect with them.

Communications on the site can take place through forums, photos, videos, webcams and emails. The site doesn’t require payment unless you want to activate the premium network banner.


  • Every site feature is free of charge
  • It is tagged as one of the best social communities for inmates and parties interested in prison life
  • Many channels of communications are offered by the site. These include live chats, forums and groups for the inmates to utilize
  • The site doesn’t have room for prejudice or judgemental behaviours towards the history of inmates as long as they show a willingness to live better
  • The site is also ideal for ex-inmates who are back to society and fully committed to living better


  • The site’s interface is not as user-friendly as that of other prison dating sites
  • The site link might redirect you to other web pages
  • Too many advertisements on the home interface

6. Love a Prisoner

This site has bragging rights for being the site with one of the highest compatibility rates between inmates and interested parties. The site’s philosophy is that the best way to help a man forsake the shady world of crime is to provide him with love.

They believe anyone will be encouraged to be a better person if they had family and friends waiting for them in the outside world after their release.

This site offers users the search filter options of using location, community, prison or age to search for inmates. It also enables the prisoner and his or her pen pal to communicate with each other. The site also offers inmates helpline support.

The site is also very educational about prison life.


  • The site has an option that enables users to send gifts to each other
  • The site is well detailed on facts and laws about prison life
  • The site makes it easy for fraud carried out on it to be reported easily
  • It has a VIP membership plan
  • It has contents such as statistics and quotes about prison life that one can read


  • The VIP membership plan is not free
  • Some of the descriptions of the prisoners are written by hand in a non-legible manner
  • Photos uploaded are unclear

7. Inmate Classified

This is a site that has been up and running for more than two decades. Its tagline reads “there is no greater gift you can give a stranger than a few words of encouragement when he or she needs it the most”. It is also an ideal community for inmates looking to foster friendships outside the prison.

The site enables inmates to register and have their profiles displayed to a large viewership. This is designed to give the inmates a sense of psychological oneness with the outside world.

The site has a philosophy that inmates, just like humans, should not be deprived of human cravings such as friendships, relationships, and community. Letters are used to communicate with inmates.


  • The inmates’ profiles are well detailed
  • It is detailed to the extent that it reveals the reason for incarceration and release date
  • The site provides a contact address where letters can be sent to
  • Seemingly small details such as hair and eyes colour are also part of the profile’s data


  • The search filters do not have specific searchable options such as age, religion and so on for searching inmates
  • The site interface is. It is easy to navigate
  • The home interface only displayed featured profiles

8. Dating Prisoners

This site operates similarly to Tinder. It has operational quarters in Greece and U.S.A. Users simply create a profile for free on the site, hook up, and flirt with anyone that catches their fancy. 

The site enables users to select any profile of their choice and chat with others for either the purpose of having a serious relationship or just casual flirting. The site also enables inmates to arrange visits with pen pals.

The site can be accessed via mobile phone from whatever location in the world, and it also offers free access.


  • The site can easily be accessed by phones or computers
  • The site enables healthy flirtations between users
  • The site enables you to search for users according to one’s preferences
  • It has a gallery where you can view several photos of an inmate, and this gives you a comprehensive impression of what that inmate looks like before meeting them
  • It is useful for finding long-term commitment


  • Getting long-term commitment on this site is a long shot
  • The risks of experiencing on-fraud are high
  • The home interface of the site doesn’t have an aesthetic appeal
  • You cannot gain access to the list without putting in your information

9. Friends Beyond The Walls

This site has more than 2500 profiles of prison inmates across 46 states in America. The site believes that prison without a friend denotes a lonely world.

This site has been in operation for more than 20 years, helping inmates find friends and family.

Every member of the site has free access to the contact address of the inmates. What is intriguing about this site is that it is operated by the family and friends of prison inmates.


  • So many profiles available
  • The website is sustainable and reliable
  • Keeping in touch or communicating with an inmate is very easy
  • The photo quality is high
  • You can see basic info such as name, birthday and location without accessing the full information on the main profile
  • It is easy to search for the specific inmate you want to reach out to. All you have to do is use the search box at the base of the home page


  • Photos per inmate are not many
  • Too many advertisements
  • It isn’t certain you will get a search result for the person you are searching for
  • In some locations, the website loads slowly
  • The site’s scope of inmates’ profiles is within the 46 states

Prison dating sites are very instrumental in helping inmates rehabilitate themselves and rebuild their social life.

It also helps them get motivated to become better versions of themselves and reintegrate successfully into society.


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